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Trainings and E-Learning

The Alliance has developed a variety of online and face-to-face trainings to build capacity for both new and experienced child protection practitioners. We encourage you to use these materials in your own trainings.

The Alliance also has its own online learning platform called "The Alliance E-Learning Hub. Register/Login here.

05 Nov 2018
Welcome to the training on the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPMS). This e-learning course may be useful: As a pre-requisite for participants attending Face to Face, on-line, or blended learning opportunities about...
03 Jul 2018
This pre-arrival e-learning course is an introduction to the Child Protection Rapid Assessment (CPRA) Toolkit.  This e-learning course will prepare you for the 3-day, face-to-face training and correct any misunderstandings you may have of this...
03 Jul 2018
The purpose of this short course is to provide you with an introduction to the InterAgency Guidelines on Case Management and Child Protection (2014), henceforth referred to as the Guidelines.  This includes a presentation of the general framework of...
03 Jul 2018
This e-learning course is a basic orientation to the "Child Protection in Emergencies Monitoring Toolkit."  The Toolkit provides guidance on how to develop and implement systems for monitoring child protection issues that affect children in...
This four-day training is designed to enable, strengthen and improve the skills and capacity of child protection coordinators and managers in the use of the Child Protection Rapid Assessment (CPRA). This package includes all the materials necessary...
This PowerPoint presentation was developed to introduce basic concepts of psychological first aid (PFA) to workers in Observational Interim Care Centres (OICCs). It provides signs that a child is in distress as well as practical steps to take to...

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