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World Vision Report: Stolen Future - War and Child Marriage in Northwest Syria

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World Vision Report: Stolen Future - War and Child Marriage in Northwest Syria

Date of publication: 
26 Jun 2020


Nathan McGibney and Nadine Haddad
World Vision
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Please find here the attached the report by World Vision, published ahead of the fourth Brussels conference on Syria. 

The report draws on research undertaken by World Vision and Syrian Partners (SRD, IhsanRD, & SEMA) in northwest Syria between January and April 2020 during the displacement of close to one million people in northwest Syria fleeing the military advancement of the Government of Syria backed by the Government of Russia.

World Vision interviewed 626 children and adults including; 54 children aged 12-18 (26 girls, 28 boys) surveyed, 179 adults (111 women, 68 men) surveyed, 52 Focus Group Discussions including 221 children aged 12-18 (114 girls, 107 boys), and 136 adults (93 women, 43 men). Additionally, medical professionals, faith leaders, teachers, and community protection staff were interviewed.

Our contact persons for the report are:

  • Eleanor Monbiot, Regional Leader, Middle East and Eastern Europe Region, WVI
  • Johan Mooij, Syria Response Director (Jordan, Syria and Turkey)
  • Mariam Al-Salahat, Acting Syria Response Protection Adviser (Jordan, Syria and Turkey)

Further information on the report can be accessed through Elias Abu Ata, Syria Response Communications Manager (Jordan, Syria and Turkey) Elias_Abuata@wvi.org


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